Tasmania's unique climate sets it apart from the majority of Australian wine growing regions, as it is the country’s only cool climate wine producing state. With its long, sunny, dry autumns, Tasmania has ideal growing conditions for developing intensely flavoured aromatic wines.

The pristine vineyards from which Heemskerk sources fruit have close proximity to the sea which keeps temperatures even and cool, and allows for long, slow, steady ripening. The cooler temperatures and longer ripening season gives great balance to our wines, with flavour ripeness coinciding with moderate sugar levels and great acid structure. These vineyards are micromanaged to the finest degree ensuring intense regional expression.

derwent valley

Just north of Hobart, and running along the Derwent River, is the cool climate wine growing region of Derwent Valley. The region is protected from westerly winds and the river provides a tempering effect to balance temperatures between day and night, allowing very slow and steady development of colour, tannins and flavour.

It is Pinot Noir that fares particularly well in Derwent Valley, and the picturesque Lowestoft Vineyard, planted on the banks of the Derwent, is outstanding for this variety. The 25-year-old vines are grown on a lyre trellis system. Soil is silty loam over clay, allowing for gradual but even development.

coal river

The Coal River Valley is located 25km north east of Hobart and is one of the most southerly and coolest grape growing regions in Australia. The climate is cool and dry, with very few days over 35 degrees, allowing for long, gentle ripening and preservation of natural acid.

One of the vineyards we find consistently produces outstanding Riesling is the meticulously managed Riversdale Vineyard, situated at the southern end of the valley, close to the town of Cambridge. Facing north-east, the 12-year-old vines are planted in the sandy loam soils on the banks of the Coal River. The site is relatively flat and slopes gently to the edge of Pittwater Estuary, which moderates the microclimate and protects the vineyard from frost damage. Moderate ripening weather, tempered by its proximity to the water, allows the development of mouth-watering acidity and punchy fruit flavours.

The 25-year-old Tolpuddle Vineyard is ideal for Chardonnay. It sits with an easterly aspect atop a rise overlooking the colonial township of Richmond. The 17-year-old vines grow on the upper slope of the vineyard where the soil type is free draining sandy silt over clay. The vineyard is micromanaged to the finest degree ensuring intense regional expression. Long, slow ripening over a moderately warm summer are tempered by the cool inland nights.