Hallmark Cuvee with bottle top
Georg Jensen

Hallmark Cuvée

danish by design. pure by nature.

The Georg Jensen Hallmark Cuvée is a modern interpretation of purity, elegance and design from a collaboration between renowned Danish design house Georg Jensen and premium Tasmanian wine producer Heemskerk.

The hallmark qualities of Georg Jensen craftsmanship and timeless aesthetic have been captured in every element of the Hallmark Cuvée, from its wine style to its outer presentation.

the making of the hallmark cuvée

This collaboration celebrates the ultimate union of creative minds; each bringing a shared appreciation of refinement and minimalism in their respective fields and a wealth of experience. Heemskerk designers, Margaret Nolan and Rowena Curlewis from Denomination and Managing Director for Georg Jensen Living, Louise Langkilde have together ventured outside of their categories to pair Danish jewellery and home wares design with the finesse of premium Australian sparkling.

Margaret Nolan and Rowena Curlewis - Heemskerk Designers, Denomination

The opportunity to collaborate with an internationally renowned design house was a natural evolution for Heemskerk, a brand for which style and design is integral part of the wine experience.

“The Heemskerk design aesthetic is über-contemporary and sleek; it doesn’t conform to normal wine conventions, yet it’s housed in a traditional wine bottle. Everything about Heemskerk is centered around finding that perfect balance between respecting tradition but reimagining it in a very modern way. To us, this was the right foundation for a collaboration with Georg Jensen, a brand we very much admire and respect.”

Margaret and Rowena have been working with Heemskerk on packaging and design since the brand was reinvigorated in 2008. Denomination (Formerly The Collective Design Consultants) is one of Australia’s leading design agencies, specializing in drinks packaging and design.

Louise Langkilde - Managing Director, Georg Jensen Living

The finesse and purity of premium cool climate Tasmanian sparkling is the ideal companion to the Georg Jensen Living range.

“Extending the Georg Jensen design aesthetic to a premium sparkling wine with a beautiful re-sealable closure is an interesting interpretation of the philosophy of Georg Jensen himself, who sought to create democratic designs possessing both functionality and beauty. It’s a lovely complement to the Georg Jensen Living range, which showcases beauty in the home and entertaining.”

Denmark-based Louise Langkilde is the driving force behind Georg Jensen’s Living range, which showcases simplicity, elegance and functionality in the home.

form and function

Hand-crafted over more than 12 months, this sparkling wine is a crisp and delicate aperitif style that celebrates the impeccable purity, finely structured acidity and subtle complexity that cool climate sparkling is renowned for.

Beautifully crafted with elegance and restraint, this sparkling is presented in an aesthetically striking bottle with an stylish, re-sealable closure.

The re-sealable closure is the perfect addition to a home wares collection and adds a stunning element of effortless presentation for entertaining or enjoying a glass of sparkling at home. The closure will preserve sparkling wine for up to two days, allowing it to be refrigerated and enjoyed over time.


Available at Dan Murphy’s, Vintage Cellars & selected fine wine outlets.

Tasting Notes